Saturday, 27 September 2014


Have you ever received an angel message in the form of a white feather? I certainly have - and I read in today's newspaper that TV presenter Gloria Hunniford has too, except that she describes such feathers as angels' calling cards.

After her beloved daughter, Caron Keating, died tragically aged 41 Gloria started receiving these feathers whenever she was stressed or despairing over Caron's death.

Years before she died, Caron - an absolute believer in angels - told Gloria: "Remember Mum, if an isolated white feather appears out of nowhere it's a sign that your guardian angel is watching over you." At the time Gloria was quite sceptical, but has since come to the realisation that her daughter was right. She gives special mention to a day when she was on her way to Disneyland with Caron's two young sons, Charlie and Gabriel.

Standing on a rain-soaked platform at Folkestone railway station holding the boys' hands, she ached with pain at the thought of how Caron should have been there with them to share what was meant to be a birthday treat for 7-year old Gabriel.

Trying to put on a brave face for her grandsons' sake, she felt as if her heart was breaking. Then she looked down and saw on her shoe a single, snow-white feather. Despite the rain it was perfectly dry and had quite literally dropped from the sky. There was no rational explanation for its sudden arrival.

But I have my theory about it, just as Gloria did. Do you think that when we most need them we receive angel messages?

Friday, 12 September 2014


I felt compelled to share these beautiful words, Eternal Vision, by J. Sig Paulson with you. I think you'll appreciate their message as much as I do:

'They know me not who think that I am only flesh and blood -
a transient dweller on the fragile spaceship earth that gave me birth. 

For I am Spirit eternal, 
indestructible, not confined to space or time
and when my sojourn here is through -
my roles fulfilled, my assignments done -
I will lay aside this space suit called my body
and move on to other mansions, roles, assignments
in our Father's house of eternal life.

So dry your tears,
weep not overmuch for me - or for yourself.
Set me free in the Love that holds us all 
and makes us one eternally!
Our paths will cross again
Our minds and hearts will touch
Our souls will shout with joy and laughter
As we recall the lives we've lived, the worlds we've seen,
the ways we've trod to find ourselves - at last - in God.'

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Are you as fascinated by the idea of discovering past lives as I am? (It’s how I came to write THE PORTRAIT!)

I’m just reading a brilliant book by Glenn Williston & Judith Johnstone about spiritual growth through a knowledge of former lifetimes.

Dr Williston has helped several thousand people with their problems in this life through regressing them via hypnosis to relevant incidents in past lifetimes. One patient, named Josh, came to him to try to find a reason for his alcoholism and inability to form any kind of meaningful relationship.

When regressed, he kept saying: “I hate them! I hate them! I hate every one of the bloodthirsty savages.”

He gradually revealed that he had been a Blackfoot Indian with a pregnant wife. They were picking their corn one day when three drunken white men with guns arrived on horseback.  These men trampled the corn – killing the wife with her unborn child – yelling and screaming all the while, and showing no mercy. Before leaving they laughed and tossed corn at the Indian they had so wronged.

Josh, as that Indian, resolved to sneak into town at night and kill the 3 murderers. But he didn’t live long enough – contracting a fever and dying a few days later. However, the negative energy remained with him and he still had a self-destructive need for revenge.

After the regression, all of which he remembered, he entered a center for the treatment of alcoholism, to turn his life around. (He had previously refused to attend even one Alcoholics Anonymous meeting!)

So discovering past lives can be highly therapeutic as well as a fascinating exercise. Do you agree?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Yes, THE PORTRAIT is FREE today on Amazon!

Why might this interest you? Because you've presumably questioned what is after death - and because The Portrait by P.G. Glynn might give you pause for thought.

It certainly halts artist Joseph Glenny in his tracks when, walking along a Cornish beach, he meets a girl who looks at him with his dead wife's eyes!

Who is Jess and how can it be that he feels he knows her from long ago? He not only knows, but also loves this girl he has ostensibly only just met. Is he going mad, or has his beloved Lara come back to him, in a different skin?

He had painted Lara's portrait - a portrait that Jess sees when, by 'chance' she enters an art gallery in St Ives. After seeing it, she doesn't know what to believe, nor how to deal with her conflicting feelings.

This haunting love story is FREE for FIVE DAYS via this Amazon Kindle LINK.

If you choose to read it, please share your thoughts on love after death with others ...

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I've been reading about the ghosts of 9/11 in Patricia Pearson's book Opening Heaven's Door. It seems that three 9/11 World Trade Center survivors feel they were guided to safety by presences they sensed.

One was led down the North Tower stairs after being 'prodded' through a wall of fire, while another - who had been trapped beneath concrete - received encouraging visits from someone she perceived to be a monk. The third was comforted as he lay under a pile of rubble.

I went on to read about Sir Ernest Shackleton, whose boat became mired in ice in 1916 and who subsequently - accompanied by two of his crew - made a desperate trek across a mountainous 25-mile stretch of Antarctica. As they trekked, all 3 men became conscious of a presence accompanying and guiding them.

They were in this way escorted safely to a whaling station. It is interesting that during the trek none of the men mentioned him, each believing that they were alone in sensing the extra companion. And when asked about it afterwards Sir Ernest said the experience had been too transcendent to be the subject of casual 'Ouija Board chatter'.

Apparently many explorers, mountaineers, divers and sailors have shared his sense of wonder through experiencing the Third Man in times of duress. Sometimes their companions have been visible, sometimes not. At times the presence has spoken aloud to them, but not always. They have invariably, though, been comforted or led to safety.

I wholly believe in the ghosts of 9/11 and the Third Man. Do you?

Sunday, 18 May 2014


Can we look through heaven's door before death? This is a question answered by Patricia Pearson's book 'Opening Heaven's Door', currently being serialized in the Daily Mail.

It's clearly a fascinating book, giving all kinds of insights into death-related experiences that defy logical interpretation. One story that especially struck me concerned a woman who, having just given birth,  looked across to the far side of the room and smiled radiantly, saying "Oh, lovely, lovely!"

When her obstetrician asked her what was lovely, she answered intensely: "What I see: lovely brightness - wonderful beings." Then, focusing her attention on a particular place, she exclaimed: "Why, it's my father! Oh, he's so glad I'm coming, he is so glad."

It seemed to the obstetrician that her patient had a momentary hesitation, wondering whether she should stay for the baby's sake. But she suddenly said: "I can't - I can't stay; if you could see what I do, you'd know I can't stay."

She then seemed confused, saying: "Father has my sister with him." (Her sister had actually died three weeks previously but the death had been kept from her because of her advanced pregnancy.)

After the patient's death (her vision having been witnessed by her mother, a nurse, the matron and the resident medical officer as well as by her obstetrician) Sir William Barrett, a physicist at the Royal College of Science in Dublin, launched a formal investigation and his published account - in 1926 - became the first corroborated report of a deathbed vision. There have been literally 1000s more in the interim.

So what do you think? Can we look through heaven's door before death?

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I just read in The Daily Telegraph that Billy Connolly's Big Send Off is on ITV at 9 pm tonight. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, apparently Billy is a man fascinated by death - or so he says. He claims to find how we deal with it, fear it and come to terms with it endlessly intriguing.

So, in the two-part series starting this evening, he'll be exploring our attitudes toward dying and witnessing a whole range of rituals while also addressing his own beliefs about what happens at the 'end'. He'll be trying coffins for size, attending a New Orleans voodoo ceremony and visiting an eerie Californian town whose sole purpose is to house the dead - with 1.5 million bodies residing there! He'll also be taking a trip from a funeral convention in Texas - home to a multi-million-dollar 'death industry' - to a drive-through funeral parlour in Los Angeles.

And, finally, he'll be chatting with Eric Idle about plans for their respective send-offs! Apparently Idle's hit Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life is a popular song for funerals. I'll leave the last word for this post to Billy Connolly, who says:

"Far from the doom and gloom you may expect, the world of death is full of wonderful people doing extraordinary things."