Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Yes, THE PORTRAIT is FREE today on Amazon!

Why might this interest you? Because you've presumably questioned what is after death - and because The Portrait by P.G. Glynn might give you pause for thought.

It certainly halts artist Joseph Glenny in his tracks when, walking along a Cornish beach, he meets a girl who looks at him with his dead wife's eyes!

Who is Jess and how can it be that he feels he knows her from long ago? He not only knows, but also loves this girl he has ostensibly only just met. Is he going mad, or has his beloved Lara come back to him, in a different skin?

He had painted Lara's portrait - a portrait that Jess sees when, by 'chance' she enters an art gallery in St Ives. After seeing it, she doesn't know what to believe, nor how to deal with her conflicting feelings.

This haunting love story is FREE for FIVE DAYS via this Amazon Kindle LINK.

If you choose to read it, please share your thoughts on love after death with others ...

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I've been reading about the ghosts of 9/11 in Patricia Pearson's book Opening Heaven's Door. It seems that three 9/11 World Trade Center survivors feel they were guided to safety by presences they sensed.

One was led down the North Tower stairs after being 'prodded' through a wall of fire, while another - who had been trapped beneath concrete - received encouraging visits from someone she perceived to be a monk. The third was comforted as he lay under a pile of rubble.

I went on to read about Sir Ernest Shackleton, whose boat became mired in ice in 1916 and who subsequently - accompanied by two of his crew - made a desperate trek across a mountainous 25-mile stretch of Antarctica. As they trekked, all 3 men became conscious of a presence accompanying and guiding them.

They were in this way escorted safely to a whaling station. It is interesting that during the trek none of the men mentioned him, each believing that they were alone in sensing the extra companion. And when asked about it afterwards Sir Ernest said the experience had been too transcendent to be the subject of casual 'Ouija Board chatter'.

Apparently many explorers, mountaineers, divers and sailors have shared his sense of wonder through experiencing the Third Man in times of duress. Sometimes their companions have been visible, sometimes not. At times the presence has spoken aloud to them, but not always. They have invariably, though, been comforted or led to safety.

I wholly believe in the ghosts of 9/11 and the Third Man. Do you?

Sunday, 18 May 2014


Can we look through heaven's door before death? This is a question answered by Patricia Pearson's book 'Opening Heaven's Door', currently being serialized in the Daily Mail.

It's clearly a fascinating book, giving all kinds of insights into death-related experiences that defy logical interpretation. One story that especially struck me concerned a woman who, having just given birth,  looked across to the far side of the room and smiled radiantly, saying "Oh, lovely, lovely!"

When her obstetrician asked her what was lovely, she answered intensely: "What I see: lovely brightness - wonderful beings." Then, focusing her attention on a particular place, she exclaimed: "Why, it's my father! Oh, he's so glad I'm coming, he is so glad."

It seemed to the obstetrician that her patient had a momentary hesitation, wondering whether she should stay for the baby's sake. But she suddenly said: "I can't - I can't stay; if you could see what I do, you'd know I can't stay."

She then seemed confused, saying: "Father has my sister with him." (Her sister had actually died three weeks previously but the death had been kept from her because of her advanced pregnancy.)

After the patient's death (her vision having been witnessed by her mother, a nurse, the matron and the resident medical officer as well as by her obstetrician) Sir William Barrett, a physicist at the Royal College of Science in Dublin, launched a formal investigation and his published account - in 1926 - became the first corroborated report of a deathbed vision. There have been literally 1000s more in the interim.

So what do you think? Can we look through heaven's door before death?

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I just read in The Daily Telegraph that Billy Connolly's Big Send Off is on ITV at 9 pm tonight. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, apparently Billy is a man fascinated by death - or so he says. He claims to find how we deal with it, fear it and come to terms with it endlessly intriguing.

So, in the two-part series starting this evening, he'll be exploring our attitudes toward dying and witnessing a whole range of rituals while also addressing his own beliefs about what happens at the 'end'. He'll be trying coffins for size, attending a New Orleans voodoo ceremony and visiting an eerie Californian town whose sole purpose is to house the dead - with 1.5 million bodies residing there! He'll also be taking a trip from a funeral convention in Texas - home to a multi-million-dollar 'death industry' - to a drive-through funeral parlour in Los Angeles.

And, finally, he'll be chatting with Eric Idle about plans for their respective send-offs! Apparently Idle's hit Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life is a popular song for funerals. I'll leave the last word for this post to Billy Connolly, who says:

"Far from the doom and gloom you may expect, the world of death is full of wonderful people doing extraordinary things."

Sunday, 27 April 2014


Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you lived before, in a different skin? Will you live again, after this lifetime?
Artist Joseph Glenny doesn’t believe in it, until he meets a girl who looks at him with his dead wife’s eyes. He had painted a portrait of the wife he adored and had hung it (for display only – definitely not for sale) in a friend’s art gallery in St Ives. Newly arrived in Cornwall, Jess Delgarne sees it one day and it takes her breath away.
The big question is, what lies ahead for Jess and Joseph – or is the pull of the past so powerful that it will ruin their future?
Find answers in The Portrait, FREE on Amazon Kindle today!

Thursday, 24 April 2014


I’m currently reading a truly amazing book – ‘Your Life After Death: The Definitive Guide To The Afterlife’. It tells us (through Joseph, a highly evolved spirit who has lived for millennia in an enlightened sphere) of the countless opportunities and wonders that await us beyond physical death.

I do my reading chiefly in bed at night and I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence, but since starting to read this book I’ve been sleeping incredibly peacefully and waking up in the mornings feeling calm and refreshed.

Periodically I’d like to share with you a few of the thoughts on the subject of life after death that Joseph communicates. Here are the words I read last night before falling asleep:

‘What happens to the soul depends on the soul’s perception of life after death and perception of life, so sometimes a relative will call for a soul and will appear to a soul at the moment of death.

I want to take away that fear of the moment of death, because on the physical level you see people who appear to be suffering and then draw a last breath; you may see people who are in great pain before they cross over and, from the physical perspective, it appears that a great, painful end has come to that person. Actually, the opposite is true because the release of the spirit is a peaceful affair and it is only the body that you are looking at that seems to be in such turmoil, such pain and such trauma.

There is a moment of stepping away from the physical body and it is as simple as taking the next breath for the spirit that is passing … one moment they are perhaps in a bed, they are in pain, they are confused … and the next moment there is peace. The next moment they are still very much alive (in fact, more so) but there is peace. They can breathe again. They are without pain. They are without the stresses of the physical body and death has taken place. It is as simple as that! It is not the occasion or occurrence that many people think it is.

Your death, Reader, will not be the frightening experience that your cultures say it is going to be – no matter how you pass over. If you pass over in great pain, through an accident or through illness, there will be the moment of pain on a physical level and then suddenly you are free of it; suddenly you are standing tall again; suddenly you can breathe again; suddenly you are relaxed again; suddenly you feel better than you have felt for a long, long time … ‘

If Joseph’s words inspire you to read ‘Your Life After Death’ yourself, you can find it on Page 4 of My Spiritual Store right HERE, or at Joseph Speaks.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


So - do you believe in ghosts? Have you had any ghostly encounters, such as Catherine had in OUT OF TIME: Tyneham Revisited? Here's a heartfelt ghost story I love (and hope you'll love too!), found in a recent Daily Mail feature by Wendy Leigh:

I’ve never believed in ghosts, but three years ago I had an earth-shattering manifestation of the ghost of a dead former lover.

His name was Richard. He was 6ft 2 in, with bright blue eyes, dark hair and a smile that could warm an Arctic winter.

Sadly, he died suddenly of a heart attack when he was just 66. He had been the great love of my 20s, but circumstances had separated us. Then, by a strange and dramatic stroke of fate, we met again through work over three years ago.

Despite the mega-watt attraction that still flared between us, reality was against us. He was married and I, too, was committed elsewhere.

So we had an affair. A series of beautiful, secret encounters, rippling with love, sensuality and spirituality, which carried on until the tragic day I learned of his death.

Devastated, I locked myself into my office and, with the glamorous Cartier fountain pen he had given me for my last birthday, just wrote his name over and over again.

Then the phone rang in the living room, so I stopped writing, screwed the top back on the pen, left it on my desk and went next-door to answer the telephone.

After an intense 20-minute conversation with a dear friend – one of the very few in whom I’d confided about Richard – I decided to go for a walk. But just as I shut the front door, I heard Richard’s voice telling me to go back into my office.

In a trance, I did. And there, on my desk, was my Cartier pen, with the top I’d screwed on so tightly on the other side of my desk, far removed from the pen.

I went into shock. As I did, there was an almighty explosion and every bulb in my office chandelier went black and died.

At that moment, from afar, I heard Richard’s voice saying the words he’d said to me on our last encounter, just days before he died.

“I love you, and thank you for being my Indian summer. I never thought this would ever happen to me again.” And nor did I think I would ever be haunted by a ghost – but I was.'